Massage Therapy at Pirraglia Chiropractic complements chiropractic care. The therapist works in conjunction with Dr. Pirraglia to create an overall treatment plan to assist in the healing process and create a more complete sense of balance and wellbeing. One can choose a 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute session, which will start with the therapist checking in with the client and formulating a plan to fit the person’s needs of the day. Each session is tailored for the individual client and may include any or all of the following modalities:

Swedish Massage: Typically a very relaxing massage, Swedish consists of soft tissue manipulation with long, broad strokes to encourage increased blood and lymph circulation. Toxins are encouraged to leave the tissue, promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is great for relieving stress and tension, and is a wonderful introduction to the benefits of massage.

Deep Tissue: This modality reaches the deeper layers of muscle tissue by utilizing strong pressure with fingers, forearms, fists and elbows. Stretching and mobilization of the arms, legs, torso and spine are incorporated. This is helpful for releasing muscular adhesions and aids in the relief of chronic tension and trigger points. It is greatly useful for those recovering from an injury or looking for postural correction.

Medical Massage: Medical Massage focuses on specific areas, usually recommended by a doctor post-injury. The techniques usually consist of the aforementioned modalities as well as therapeutic stretching, positional release and myofascial release. It greatly assists in the recovery of tears, sprains, nerve impingements, chronic back or joint pain, lack of smooth motion in the joints and limited flexibility.

Prenatal Massage: The therapist at Pirraglia Chiropractic is certified in Prenatal Massage. Massage is helpful for the expectant mother. Some benefits include: stress/muscle tension reduction for the mother and excess fluid drainage from extremities. Massage can also have a nice, calming effect for the baby.

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